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We start off with the best intentions. High goals, determined work ethic, and dreams of success. But the truth is, that initial feeling can only take us so far. It's natural to lose steam and the need to refocus and realign may come often. That's where consistency comes in. 


Consistency Consult sessions are designed to teach you strategies and provide more than just accountability. They help you maintain clarity, momentum, and efficiency as you pursue your wellbeing goals


Weekly (or bi-weekly) consults consist of: 

  • review of current status and overall goal
  • identifying barriers, obstacles, distractions  
  • re-evaluation to affirm or adjust strategic next steps 


Consult sessions are 20 minutes (the first session is 30 minutes) weekly or bi-weekly depending on goals, current status, schedule etc. 




Consistency consults are purchased in packages of 6 consult sessions to be used over a 6 - 12 week period. 

Consistency Consult

  • Reconnect with your goals and sustain your progress with personalized support. 

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