Barre changed my body and my life and it can changes yours too! Our mission is to bring balance to our client's  lives through health & fitness, specifically barre, by making it affordable, convenient and efficient.

 Whether the nearest barre studio is out of reach or out of budget, you can still enjoy the benefits of this great workout, where ever you are- even in your bedroom! With BIYB- we bring the studio to you!


Bringing the Studio To You 

Barre In Your Bedroom and Be Balanced Wellness Retreat, were created to bring a balanced approach to wellness. Our philosophy on balance is “have your cake and eat it too”. That means centering your well-being around your active, adventurous lifestyle. At home, outdoors, on the road or wherever you are, take your workout and your wellness with you. 



At Barre In Your Bedroom, we truly believe your workout should fit your lifestyle. We know you're busy, active and that your life is constantly changing! In order to embody that spirit of dynamic living, we host events all over the metroplex. From parks, to universities, to local landmarks and venues, and now...wellness retreats! Barre In Your Bedroom is all about "bringing the studio to you"! 

Check out our upcoming events & what we've been up too at our recent events!


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