You may not know this but I’m all about balance. I truly believe that being your healthiest, happiest self requires balance. Its important to find something you love, to keep you motivated, excited and working hard. 

That is the foundation for BIYB 1:1 Virtual Training. A variety of challenging, effiecient and transformative workouts, all with a live  trainer for accountability, consistency and safety. At home, outdoors, on the road, wherever you are, take your workout and your wellness with you. 

4 week training program 

  • 2, 30 min live sessions per week 
  • 2, 30 min live workout classes per week 
  • Initial consult and goal setting 

1:1 Virtual Training

  • BIYB workouts are designed to fit your lifestyle and make health and fitness accessible, affordable and fun. Balance is the key to wellness. With BIYB you can take your workout and your wellness with you, wherever life takes you.